The synergy of know-how.


To the best of our knowledge and belief.

We will act in your best interest and employ our skills to secure your financial situation.

Finance and accounting

  • Financial accounting
  • Accounts receivable and payable accounting
  • Comments on interim and annual financial statements
  • Finance and liquidity planning
  • Financial controlling

Human resource management

  • Payroll accounting
  • OASI (Old-age and Survivors' Insurance) and withholding tax declarations
  • Social security insurance scheme declarations
  • Contracts of employment


  • Commercial law Switzerland (Code of Obligations)
  • Swiss GAAP FER
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Professional advice assists you in making the right decisions.

Advice, above all, is a matter of trust.To establish a proper decision-making basis, we make sure our clients’ level of knowledge is equal to ours.

Tax Consultancy

Tax consultancy begins with adequate planning of your activities, because early discussions prevent problems before they even arise.
  • Tax consultancy for individuals and legal entities, incl. tax returns
  • Tax optimization
  • VAT returns
  • Representation in dealings with the tax authorities
  • International tax structures
  • Tax consultancy for transactions (real estate and business)

Corporate Consultancy

Our professional, corporate consultants will provide you with individual and practical advice.
  • Efficiency and deficiency analyses
  • Company evaluation
  • Company analyses
  • Company formation
  • Conversion
  • Recapitalization
  • Succession
  • Restructuring
  • Financial planning
  • Internal audit system / risk analysis

Real Estate Consultancy

We use documents and information toacquaint ourselves with the property in your focus and can thus establish an important decision-making basis to meet your needs.
  • Advice on real estate transactions
  • Support with contract negotiations
  • Financial due diligence
  • Financing support


Our partner company Revipur AG is your capable and committed contact in all aspects of auditing.


  • Statutory audits (ordinary and limited) for companies
  • Special purpose audits (e.g. foundation, capital inand decrease or merger)
  • Due diligence audits
  • Anti-money laundering audits for financial intermediaries
  • Inspection agency for compliance monitoring with the Code of Professional Conduct for asset managers

Family Office
Faith facilitates understanding.

Everybody has expectations. Our challenge is to offer a solid foundation for different interests and new ideas.


You and your family have complex and various assets and structures, multiple bank accounts and numerous service providers.

Due to consistent monitoring, management and consolidation of assets we help you along with making complicated interrelations become transparent and readily comprehensible. As being your asset, property or shareholding managers and consultants, we will advise you on a wide range of matters.

Our clients are the center of our focus.

The consistent, interactive exchange of experience with our clients allows us to employ the full potential of our know-how, day by day. We provide professional advice, assist in (financial) planning, offer practical support and strive to take on an active role in your decision-making process – because we accept joint responsibility.


Andres Schenker

Certified Expert in Accounting and Controllingschenker@tresag.chProfessional Career
Head of finance and accounting in an industrial company in Switzerland. Accountant and tax advisor for a consulting company in Zurich. Founder of Tresag AG Zurich in 1987.

German and English

Reto Wolfisberg

Bachelor of Business Administration HWV/FHwolfisberg@tresag.chProfessional Career
Corporate consultant at Credit Suisse. Extensive experiences in fiduciary business. Joined Tresag in 2012.

German, English and French

Daniel Steuble

Certified Expert in Accounting and Controllingsteuble@tresag.chProfessional career
Long-standing professional experience in the financial sector at one of Switzerland’s largest operating auditing, accounting and consulting company. Joined Tresag in 2012.

German and English

Cyrielle Richener

Fiduciary with Federal

Bosko Trajkovic

Certified Specialist in Finance and

Dilya Schweizer

Certified Specialist in Finance and Accounting
Business Engeneer at University of UFA (Russia)

Dolores Schlager

Fiduciary with Federal

Aline Rohner

HR Specialist
Office Management

Hamza Aksoy


Pia Kälin


Sharon Neidhardt

Location / Contact

At our premises or at yours, interactively.

Each and every task requires a good foundation: a face-to-face meeting will help us understand your needs.

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Tel. +41 44 218 80 60
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